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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 11:49 am 
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We have a zero tolorance for cheating.

If caught cheating or if we think you are cheating on our servers you will be banned without warning.

All bans are subject to review.

Our hacking committee will review all bans and complaints.

If you are banned you have the right to ask for a review.
You need to provide us with:
1. Time you were banned.
2. Game and Server you were banned on.
3. People that were on at time of ban.
4. Reason you were banned if available from big brother bot.

We do not need a guess reason why you got banned telling us you are just so good that people thing you hack.
Most of the time when you are banned from our servers it was an acting admin that did a quick review due to complaints and suspects you of cheating.
We never Ban just because you do well. However red flags will pop up if you are the only one getting 35+ kills with 4 deaths 3 games in a row no matter how good you are.

Every admin that bans must keep evidence of why they banned you and is published in the Members Only forums area.
This is kept for no less then 2 weeks. The hacking committee will review all contested and uncontested bans to move the 2 week ban to a perm ban.


No cheating and still banned?
There are a few reasons this can happen and happens more then cheating in many cases.

1. Admin disrespect.
2. Fellow player disrespect.
3. Team Killing without saying sorry... warned then banned for 2 weeks. Take the time to say sorry.
4. Team killing intentionally is a PERM BAN even if you say sorry. No if ands or buts, this applies to everyone, even LOD Members.
5. Making noise on voice chat to a point its harms game play. No open mics.
6. Recruiting for your clan on our servers.
7. Your name must be clean. No X rated names.
8. Your Name must not advertise a domain name or business.
9. Drunk or disorderly game play that disrupts others.
10. Threats to one person or a group.

Remember you reflect your clan, if you are a member of a clan and you hack we will suspect that the rest of your clan hacks and everyone with your clan tag will get banned.

We have a good memory... most of us do. If we remember you as a Hacker in one game we will without warning ban you from another.

Members of LOD Please report your cheaters here...

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