What to put on the SSD drive

Exactly what it says....need some pc help ask here.
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What to put on the SSD drive

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My new rig is coming today and I am excited!

I will have a 500 SSD drive and 3 TB hard drive.

What programs should i put on the SSD? Steam and Blizzard.net? New COD?

DOes it matter if games are installed on the SSD?

Any help will be wonderful!
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Re: What to put on the SSD drive

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I only put my OS on the SSD and everything else gets put on the secondary. Supposedly the only thing that suffers in going this route is milliseconds of game loading time.
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Re: What to put on the SSD drive

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When I got my first SSD drive I decided I would only put the OS and games on it. I put my programs on the SATA. The reason for it, your OS will run much better on the SSD and so will the games. You don't need your normal programs to load faster so I put them on the SATA. I eventually got 4 HDDs in my system, 2xSSD and 2xSATA drives. I have one SSD that just has my OS on it, one SSD with just my games on it, one SATA with my programs on it, and one SATA will all my back ups and stuff. I'd recommend you do the same.
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Re: What to put on the SSD drive

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That's pretty much how I have my system set up. 1 SSD for OS and operational programs. 1 SSD for Gaming, and a 3rd SSD for tertiary programs. Then a 3TB drive for storage and back up!
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